[12/19/23] i fixed the main thing that was messed up with this and added a couple other cool things, to be adding more soon of course but im more happy with this than the old home page

[11/24/23] Yeah im still making this cool..added more gifs and some gag pages. deciding if im gonna try to make a zine or nah.. IDK

[11/22/23] Ok im actually balling in ways previously unseen i even figured out how to get music to play and made a cute little fish cursor

[11/21/23] I havent touched this in a while but im redoing the main to make it match everything else and probably making new logos idk

[7/28/23] Wrote some new things and changed the song of the whenever

[7/21/23] Added a moon page and changed up the main page a little so it's better organized

[7/18/23] Sike I figured out how to make the gallery featuring this insane skramz cover by Nick G on soundcloud.. check it out it is so awesome.

[7/15/23] I've been trying to make the gallery for sooo long but the code is kinda complicated to assemble and im tired so :P

[7/3/23] writing more bs for everything i am, trying ti figure out a smart way to make the gallery

[6/28/23] making everything i am more of a blog format and also wrote about homestuck SORRY

[6/26/23] made everything i am and wrote some stuff

[6/25/23] making the home page more full thinking about everything i am and how tf to format that s

[6/18/23] Finished the about page pretty much

[6/16/23] Actually finishing the main fish page and planning the about page

[6/15/23] Figuring out how to get the hovers to work for the fish page

[6/13/23] Starting fish.html and drawing the little aquarium for it, trying to fill the main

[6/12/23] basically finishing the main, made my button and the song of whenever (sorry the audio quality is so ass IDGAF)

[6/11/23] trying soooo hard to finish the main

[6/10/23] Added the spotify thing and some guys

[6/7/23] Got the shark to work (cool face)

[6/1/23] Taking this super serious and making some logos

hi welcome to bombsite i'm the evilest girl in the world. This is my living testament

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The world is a beautiful place but that doesnt change anything about the way i feel by shortstop. Awesome california screamo, yeah this is their most popular song, blow me.

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